Rea Leboha

My favorite moments in Lesotho were when it rained. Everyone would stop what they are doing as way to respect the rain as it fell down. As country dependent on small farming for food, the Basotho treated the rain as a gift from God, and it was. As the downpour muddied the entire village, children would splash around and scream, “Pula, pula” while the men and women would look up, smile, and say, “Molimo, rea leboha.”

God, we are thankful.

I woke up for my training run this morning and was all IcyHot and body glided up before I realized it was raining. I hadn’t really been into this week’s long run. It was “only” 12 miles and my IT band was acting up again. Maybe a few extra hours of rain would do me good. I saw the downpour as an excuse to go back to bed, so I did and listened to the rain as I fell back asleep.

But I woke up a few hours later in anger. “Heather Marie!” I screamed at myself. “You are not allowed to skip your long runs!” I quickly grabbed my things and went out to my run, angry at myself that it was already mid-morning and that I should be finishing my run by now, not starting it.

While the rain has seemed to stop when I started my run, it began again during my 12 miles. It started to sprinkle and then it was down pouring, so much that I had to stick my phone in my shorts to make sure it didn’t get too wet. As it came down, I started to think about those rainy days in Lesotho. The Basotho, in my opinion, always treated the rain right. They always took a few minutes to enjoy it and be thankful for it.

I always know there is more in life that I could be thankful for, so I decided to turn my woes about the run into gratitude.

I am thankful that, even though I got a late start on my run, the cooler temps allow me to have enjoyable and safe runs throughout the day.

I am thankful that, even though I lost one of energy gels along the run, Feet Fleet supplies free Gatorade to runners during marathon season so I could take in some calories and that I found the gel on my way back.

I am thankful that, even though I missed the group run, I can still run 12 miles easily and comfortably and that I had some alone time.

I am thankful that, even though my IT Band has been hurting, I ran mostly pain free today.

And lastly, I am thankful for the rain. It brings us new life and new hope each time.

What are you thankful for? 

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