Sometimes you lose

Sometimes you lose.

But sometimes you win.

After two crappy runs, I woke up last Friday with absolutely no desire to run. I could not stomach the thought of waddling through my rocky road and then pushing out intervals. I knew it would be painful and not fun, so I reset my alarm and went back to bed.

I woke up, did yoga and decided the next day would be better for running.

It was. I did 9K with six sets of three-minute intervals and felt stronger than I had in weeks. I cashed in that good momentum and did race paceish kilometer to check my time since I was on fairly flat land. It was a minute faster than I expected.

The next day, I did a short long run of 22 Ks. My plan called for 38K but, because of my busy schedule and nagging exhaustion, I decided to swap training weeks, and opted for something lighter. It was a smart move.

Although I wasn’t going as far, I decided to go faster and try to run most Ks about a minute slower than race pace. I hit all of them pretty accurate and felt great. Some were a bit faster but I was OK with that because I need my head to understand that I can be quick.

My biggest concern of this 56K race is not if I can complete the distance; I know that I can. I am nervous that I won’t be able to do it in the allotted seven hours. However, after Sunday’s fast short long run, my worries are cooled. I felt pretty awesome when I was done and my mind – the trickiest part of training – was mainly relaxed.

Wednesday marks officially two months before the race and I am more confident than ever. I got this.

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