I know it’s been awhile. But I have good reason.

Here in Africa, I usually only charge my computer at my school, but now school is closed for the summer holidays here in the southern hemisphere. When I get electricity, which is every few days through my host family, I charge my computer so that I can charge my phone and iPod for running. Blogging gets put to the wayside and my blog readers (all one of you) must deal with the radio silence.

Most times, I swear by my iPod for running. I need it, I believe, to get through the tough hills and long boring stretches. I have it engrained in my head that I will not be able to run more than a mile without it.

And it does help. I rely on the beats of pop music to push me a bit harder or get through that lull. I definitely plan to use it while running the ultra.

The other day, though, I was caught up in thought and the beauty of the landscape around me. Occasionally, I push pause on the iPod to thank God for life, loved ones and running. When I finished my shout out to the heavens, I realized that I rather enjoyed the sound of my own breath, the cows mooing from the field and the birds chirping in the air. I ran the rest of my workout, probably about a mile, without music. It was calming and meditative, the way running should be.

Then, a couple days later, I did it again.

I know that I will never run 18 miles without music, but occasionally it is nice to disconnect and enjoy the sounds of Mother Nature instead. It allows me to clear my head even more and focus on the purest joys of running. I like getting back to the heart of running and hope to run silent more often.

How about you? Do you listen to anything specific? What are you pump up jams? Or do you object to the iPod? Tell me about it!

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