Training plan

My name is now registered for the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon and so I should probably take the next five months preparing my body for seven hours of non-stop running. I mean, I can’t just show up at the start line without any preparation, right? (Wait, can I?!)

In runner’s speak, I am not actually in training now. I am working on my base. I really have no idea what that means but other fancy running bloggers talk about it so I figured I should do it too. I am being very scientific and smart about running. I should get a coach, like the five-year-old who runs barefoot in my village.

My base includes a rotation of two weeks. Week A is five days on with two days rest. It includes one speed workout and a semi-long run. Week B is four days on with three days rest and includes a speed workout, usually fartleks, and a true LSD (long slow distance) workout.

The race is still months away and I do not want to fatigue too early, so I figured alternating number of rest days in a week and LSDs was a good way to save the legs. (I am so good at talking like a runner).

I am also using my LSDs as a way to experiment with nutrition and water intake so that I have a solid game plan for the race. When I ran the Fargo half in 2011, I took into much liquid and had a slushy gut for the last two miles. Not fun.

As of now, I am not timing my runs and usually leave my watch at home. Time puts too much expectation on running and I have plenty of time for that. Right now, I just want to enjoy running and improve my fitness. I plan to do a timed 10 K at the end of the monthto see where my splits are at and to help set my ultra training accordingly.

In December, I will go into a full-fledged training schedule. I don’t have one as of now, so if you know of a good one, send it over. I haven’t been able to find an ultra plan appropriate for 56 K, so I may need to find a good marathon one and adjust it.

My goal is 7 hours, the cut off. Right now, I just want to complete the thing, but that may change when I know where my splits are. Two Oceans is kind of a big deal – named the Most Beautiful Marathon in the world, but by whom I am not so sure – and South African residents have to qualify. International residents can register without qualification, but must start in the back. Perfect. I am already a back starter.

Right now, my goal is to find that running love and develop a working relationship with it. When I am up to 50 Ks, that love is what is going to get me through.

Tell me about your training. Are you prepping for a late fall/early winter race? How is it going? Have any advice? Have you ever ran an ultra? What did you do that was great or not so great? I need all the help I can g

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