A mid-summer’s night run

My original plan for today’s run was to go this morning before church, but bed won that argument and I decided to try again later. After looking at the day’s forecast, it made sense to wait until mid-evening when the temps cooled to low 70s and the wind calmed. Because I was on the phone with a friend, I didn’t get to that run until a bit after 9, but it was almost perfect.

It was nice not to fight through the stuffy hot air. The cool temps allowed me to find a quicker-than-usual pace and settle into an aggressive run. My mind kept my feet’s pace as I flipped through worries and basked in things that brought smiles. And my iPod provided an appropriate play list to sync my body and the environment.

The world around me painted a beautiful backdrop to these eight miles. The sun’s pink and orange shadow followed me for awhile, before giving into a dark blue sky and sprinkles of light high above. Fire flies cheered me on as I endured the toughest stretch – a mile-long pass along Highway 14. The stillness of the streets on a Sunday evening and the sweet summer smell complimented the entire package.

When I finished, my shoulders, sides and back throbbed and my breath was off beat, but I felt inspired. Those eight miles felt better and more encouraging than the two and half I ran a few days ago. They hurt, but it was entirely worth it.

It was a gorgeous summer evening, the kind that makes you lust for this season in the harsh wrath of winter. Sometimes, it’s best to enjoy evening like tonight with a bottle of wine and good friends. And other times, it’s best to enjoy them with a run.

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