Waaaaaay overdue update

Hi, folks,
So sorry about the lack of love at Silly Girl. I’ve been pretty busy with a few other projects and trying to fit in running and writing about running is getting a bit tough. But, I wanted to stop by and let all you know how things are going for this little runner.

To be perfectly honest, the last month has been difficult. A few days after my last post, I had a great seven-miler in the rain, but it went down hill from there. The weather has not been a good training tool. It rained most days for about two weeks, then a hot, humid climate sat in, making any run after 7 a.m. dreadful. Since I can’t seem to get my bed out of bed, you can guess how those runs on those days were. I’ve been pretty good in at getting about four to five miles in each run, but haven’t had another seven-miler in a while. The wind is pretty rough right now, but I’m hoping later tonight I can go beyond that, maybe notch an eight-miler. (PS “notch” is probably my most overused/favorite word in my sports writing, yet, I rarely use it in my casual writing. Score.)

My enthusiasm for this marathon has definitely worn off. Gaining the excitement and motivation to hasn’t been easy. A crazy schedule also has thrown things off kilter, and this is the point in most of my marathon training attempts where I give up. My other commitments take more predominant roles in my life and running falls to the “when I have free time” list. Not this time. This time, it can’t. I’m already invested and will see these 26.6 miles through.

To combat the lack of motivation, I was hoping to do a triathlon in August in Pierre. It’s one I did a few years ago and really enjoy, plus the addition of biking and swimming to my workout schedule would ease the wear and tear on my legs. However, I just got a tattoo on my foot and can’t submerse my foot in water. I am, though, planning to run a half marathon with a friend in September, so hopefully, a warmup before the big race and help lengthen my excitement for this.

My running schedule is going to be a bit off this week as I travel to Texas to help a friend move. But once I get back, it’s time to really push the training, even with heat/rain/wind. I am still 100% committed to this and am ready to rock it.

Oh, and I promise to rock this blog more šŸ™‚ Thanks for visiting.

– A silly girl.

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