6.6 miles of fabulous

Yesterday, I drew up a route in my head and decided to run it before I measured it. I knew it had to be over five miles, but wasn’t sure if I would reach 6 or 7. When I got home and clocked it, I was giddy to realize that I had just run 6.6 miles without knowing it!

It was a bit tough, with a rough wind, and I was quite dehydrated. But afterwards, as the sweat oozed out of my pores, I felt fabulous. I felt beautiful.

I’m not even a month into my training and I’ve already logged a six-miler. And it didn’t kill me. That feels magical. I’m roughly a fourth of the way to a marathon, and I still have four months to train. 

This might seem like a small hurdle, or not one at all, but to me it’s huge. This is a milestone, and I have a lot more to cross, but now I have the confidence of this one to get me over the next. 

I’m gonna try to wake early for a lighter run tomorrow. I’m still running every other day and it seems to be working really well. However, my body is beginning to crave rungs on my rest days. This is a good addiction to have. 

That’s all I have for today. Check back soon for a video. Woot 🙂

Happy Day.

Heather, a silly girl.

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