On the other side of beginning

I’ve been waiting for this. When my muscles move in sync with the buildings, trees, cars, grass around me. When I glide, no fly, through the air and feel confidence bounce through my body with each step. I’ve been waiting for this run.

Today, I was not looking forward to my run. I decided on an after-work run since a group of friends and I were in Sioux Falls the night before for a baseball game and didn’t reach Brookings until late. When 5 p.m. hit, my stomach was queasy – probably because my hearty lunch was croissants and peanut butter – and I was eager to get the run over with and meet friends for dinner. Cool temps provided my ideal running weather, but I was still resistant about the whole idea. I’m already growing tired of running these streets, so picking a route became a chore. Once I decided on one, I said to myself, “Time to get this over with” and took off.

My runs have been fairly routine and stiff lately, also a reason for my lack of motivation. I’ve tried different things to help break that cycle, but nothing has worked real well. My solution this week was to train a day, rest a day, train a day, rest a day, ect. Right now, I’m at four training days a week and I thought this could be a good way to ease into a tougher training schedule.

A block into today’s run, I felt my shoulders ease and my legs strengthen. Before I knew it, a mile passed. My pace was faster than it has been in this training stint and that feeling, the one where you feel like you could go on forever – started to creep through my legs and head. I debated about adding another half mile or mile to the run at several points along the course, but decided speed was key here and kept to a shorter distance. As the ending point became to appear, my legs picked up faster and I drove right through until the end.

Cooling down, I had this crazy sensation that I might have just made it past the hump. I might just be on the other side the beginning.

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