5 + 4

Hello, all,

Sorry for my absecnce the last couple of days. I was away for a while and have been busy with life things, but I did get some running in 🙂

As mentioned in my previous post, I did do a five-miler that day. Gosh, it was wonderful. My body ached good pain and my head needed those miles to clear itself. 

Since I started training for this marathon, I’ve had a hard time getting over the hump. When I stop running for a long periods of time, it usually takes awhile before I find my stride again. This time, though, it’s been quite resistant. Most of my runs are lethargic and pain-riddled. It’s been quite frustrating waiting for the smooth runs to reappear and the five miles on Friday led me to believe that I was over out-of-shape hump.

However, today I struggled. Four miles with furious wind brought back the same murky weak muscles. It was no doubt frustrating. I used to think to was a dehydration issues, but I’ve been gullpin down the H2O. I’m thinking some time in the pool and with the weights might help a bit. Some good nutrients would also help, I presume.

The wind in B-Town has been killer lately. It will not let up. I guess, though, that’s a great training tool, especially in Brookings where there isn’t a lot of hills. And who knows what race day will be like.

Sorry that this is a short post. I’ve gotta get up early for my morning run 🙂 Before I go, I want to say thanks to all of you that are reading this blog. You make my life. And thanks for the comments. Keep them coming. You are all wonderful!



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