My first

The cloudy direction of life left me quite restless and discouraged in the last few months. I’m sorta of a stand still right now with endeavors and possible life plans, but to save my sanity, I need to wrap hands around a project, a goal. So, I looked over my bucket list and found an item that’s always been there and desperately screams “cross me off, already.” So, sort of on impulse, I’ve decided to run a marathon.

I’ve claimed to be training for marathon’s before but something has always “come up” and I’ve never followed my word. Not this time. This time, I’m in it until the finish line.

A few weeks ago, I registered for the Twin Cities Marathon on Oct. 4. This seemed like a good race for my first; it’s close, it’s one of the bigger races, it’s six days before the end of my life (aka my 25th birthday) and it’s the “Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America.” My money is already committed, all $101, so I’m determined to finish all 26 and some miles. 

Running this marathon is more than just crossing off a dream on the to-do list. Throughout the next five months of training, I’m going to run hundreds of routes, and all of them are part of the effort to find my destined route. I hope this marathon will shed light on my true self and give me a piece of enlightenment. 

The Silly Girl blog is also going to fulfill that need. Running has been my favorite writing tool. So many times, a lede, nut graph, ending, column idea or blog post has come from miles on my feet. It’s usually after runs that the writing muses hit the hardest. That’s not a coincidence. Silly Girl will be the record of my first marathon, the struggles and the triumphs. If I finish the marathon with a phenomenal time but failed to write about the entire process, it would all be a waste.

My intentions for Silly Girl are to share my training tales and other emotions about running. My readers can also follow my training progress on MapMyRun page.

Oh, as for the name of the blog, it comes for a poem I wrote in ninth grade English with Mrs. Baker. She asked us to write a poem about ourselves, with one repeating line that gets at the heart of our personalities. This is what I came up with and it’s still very true of who I am today.

So, welcome to the blog and I hope you will join me on these 26 miles of dream chasing.

– Heather, a silly girl who likes to run.

3 thoughts on “My first

  1. Kudos! Good luck, and enjoy the training. I’ve been told that the more hills you run in training, the better off you are for the marathon. Of course, I’m not a runner, so what do I know? Still, I wish you the best!

  2. Good for you and good luck! My parents ran that marathon in 2007. It’s a great course and there are so many people on the sides that will be cheering you on! And the best part … you have a marathon route right here at home that you can utilize for training. My parents ran 18 miles of the Brookings Marathon route for their training. I should hook you up with my mom; she had some inspirational books that she used during their training and I’m sure she would have tons of tips for you!

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