Morning peace

Good morning, all,

There is something about mornings that accentuates runs more than any other time of the day. Maybe it’s the stillness of the community as most people are still in bed, fighting with the alarm clock. It could be the satisfaction of knowing that the toughest part of my day is behind me. Or maybe it’s the breath of the morning dew and newness of the day that instills peace into my bones. 

Even so, getting out of bed to snatch that peace is a struggle. My devious mind and aching body convince me that staying in bed, accruing no actual good sleep, is better than facing my running shoes. Many times, I give in. Others, I’m determined to log those miles. What’s funny is that I often feel guilty for not getting up to run, but rarely do I regret morning runs.

Today, I hit the snooze several times, plotting the very last minute I would have to awake in order to get a run in, write and run a quick errand. My day is pretty packed, so I can push my workout off until another hour. Finally at 6:30, I rolled out.

The morning greeted me with a cool 60-degree temperature, which was a nice change from the 90-degree days we’ve had recently. After a 4.75-mile fight with the wind yesterday, I decided to do a light two and half miles and call it good. I picked a simple route and was off.

My joints, especially the back of my legs, strained a bit, but for the most part this is the best I’ve felt in sometime. My body is still trying to adjust to the consistent running and the fact that I’m not pushing it as hard as I usually do. The pain I felt today was a good pain, as if my muscles were saying “We can handle this.”

Rain greeted me around mile one. I love running in the rain. It’s a constant reward and I usually find myself enjoying it so much that my paces picks up. It was a light rain and disappeared by the time I was finished. But it made a roaring reappearance as I went about my morning routine.

The only people I saw out this morning, besides those in vehicles, were a pair of blondes, most likely sisters, on their way to school. They heard me coming up behind them and promptly moved to the grass. Most adults don’t do this. As I ran past them, I said “thank you” and they both looked at me confused, like they didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

Music is usually my only companion when I’m running. I tend to listen to very fast paced, hard beating tunes. In the morning, though, I prefer something softer. It can’t be too terribly slow, but also complimentary to nature’s quiet. Jack Johnson is one of my favorite early day pals. This morning, my iPod provided a lovely play list without much direction from me.

When I wrapped up my workout, I felt a rush of peace through my blood. The morning, the rain, the girls, the music – all of it provided a great start to the day. Now, I’m able to carry that through the rest of the day and be thankful that running won the alarm clock battle.

Have a lovely day, all.


Today’s running play list:

“I still ain’t over you” – Augustana

“Banana pancakes” – Jack Johnson

“Umbrella” – Rhianna

“Breakaway” – Kelly Clarkson

“Sleep through the static” – Jack Johnson

“You really got a hold on me” – She & Him

“Young folks” – Peter, Bjorn and John

One thought on “Morning peace

  1. Hey, I like to hear that two blondes made your day. I wish I could say that my day started like that sometime.

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